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Return Policy

Consumer rights, goods can be returned and exchanged within 14 days



1. Before sending out any returned or exchanged goods, please send an email to the customer service for confirmation before sending out to ensure the interests of both parties



2. All returned products must be packaged in a complete package (including the main product and all accessories, gifts, manuals, etc.)



3. For a flawless exchange, please handle it within 14 days, and the buyer will bear the round-trip freight



4. For a flawless return, please handle and send it within 14 days, and the buyer shall bear the freight. The refund amount will be deducted from the bank transfer fee



5. Defective replacement, please provide proof of the defect within 7 days, such as: taking photos, recording, etc., and contact customer service within 14 days, overdue shubu



6. Defect detection during the warranty period, the round-trip freight will be borne by the seller within 14 days, and the round-trip freight will be borne by each within 14 days to 1 month, and the buyer will bear the round-trip freight if it exceeds 1 month.



7. Goods that cannot be restored after use (consumables), please consider carefully before unpacking and use, and confirm the integrity of the goods at the first time when unpacking, otherwise your right to return and exchange will be affected



8. If there is any violation of the return and exchange regulations when the product is returned, or if an irreversible situation is artificially caused, the company will reserve the right to refund and charge handling fees at its discretion. Please use proper packaging when returning the goods, so as not to affect your subsequent return and exchange rights.



9. Circumstances where the return cannot be processed: ① Product packaging accessories are incomplete or damaged and cannot be restored. ②The goods are personal personal items and have been opened and used.



10. In order to protect the privacy of customers, only the "orderer" is allowed to handle refunds. The real name must be filled in when ordering, and the name, telephone number, address, date of purchase, purchase item, amount, etc., as well as the bank account number of the refund, and other information should be attached to the box with a note when returning the goods, so as to avoid Affect your subsequent rights.



11. When filling in the order information, please be sure to give the correct receiving information, so as not to affect your follow-up order shipping and return and exchange rights related issues.



12. The company reserves the right to accept the final order for the order. If there is any question, the latest announcement on the official website shall prevail.



13. In order to protect the customers who really need the goods, the company will deal with malicious returns, and will collect refurbishment and related handling fees at its discretion, and reserve the right to follow-up orders.