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You can download a system optimization tool for system cleanup and junk removal

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Sure, the fanless mini pc do have AUTO POWER ON in Bios setting, You can Press "ESC" enter the Bios---click "boot" options---click "Auto Power On"---Select " Power On"
Thanks for your message, the speed of ethernet port support 1000Mbps
Turn on the portable mini computers firstly. press and hold the " F2 " key until enter the BIOS.
Press ' F12 ' to enter the start-up interface, then select startup, select boot, and then press enter to enter the system priority boot menu, set the flash drive for priority boot, and then enter save.
The small pc comes with dual 4K@60Hz HDMI ports and one full-featured Type-C port can be extended to connect to three monitors, allowing you to handle multi-task at the same time.
To cool the machine's hardware, ATOPNUC Mini PC only produces about 30 decibels of fan sound when fully loaded. Most of the time it's within the normal range. silent fan and high performance for the cooling.
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